Wednesday, February 2, 2011

D-D-D-D-D-DORA...D-D-D-D-D DORA...the explorer

I am very thankful for DORA THE EXPLORER. Her voice used to get on my nerves something, I have a new appreciation for her. She helps entertain my BOO BOO (Coleman) when we need some distraction and she (along with Colton) has taught Coleman how to count to ten in Spanish. He cannot count to ten in English, but Spanish is not a problem! :)
Coleman loves Dora. He likes to get up and dance during the intro song.
Some other things Coleman is enjoying these days: talking (a lot), bath time, playing with his new "Baby Seester", and playing outside any chance he can get.
He is attending a Mothers Day Out program at St. Johns which we and he BOTH love!
The staff is incredible. He is learning so much each songs, how to share toys, how to sleep on a nap mat, numbers (english and spanish), the alphabet, etc...
Here are some pictures of our time outside on one of the 2 sunny/warm days we have had.
I can't believe this sweet boy is about to be 2 years old (on the 15th). He has stolen our hearts. He is in such a fun, happy stage of life right now and he brings immense joy to our home...

Here is our first family picture

Wagon time

Don't forget Baby Seester and the Cheez-It's for our walk...

This bug (that is my sisters nickname too) is 3 and 1/2 weeks old and God has graciously blessed us with her life...
it is crazy to think that she would still be in the womb at this point! So glad that is NOT the case...for a number of reasons! :)


  1. so so cute! i love that you posted about dora! let me know if you need me to tutor coleman in spanish! (kidding!)
    i love cheez-its on the walk!

  2. Y'all are such a sweet family! I remember when Olivia was obsessed with Dora....yes, those Dora sounds become very 'sweet' when they do an amazing job of keeping those little ones entertained at all the right times!!!! :)

  3. Precious, precious, precious. I am so glad things are going so well. We love y'all and can't wait to bring you dinner soon!

  4. When I came by the other day, I was amazed at how much he's talking now! He's really growing up! :)

  5. Beautiful family! You look amazing! Glad C is liking MMO. I'm super impressed he can count to 10 in Spanish. Maybe we need to bump up our Dora watching. Monsters, Inc. is clearly getting us no where!

  6. Casey, I'm cracking up that he counts to ten in Spanish. I deeply understand your love for Dora. Woody and Buzz Lightyear are some of my dearest friends. It looks like y'all are doing great and I'm with look awesome! Yeah for Callie out of the womb and not in. She's beautiful.

  7. Go Dora! Just wait- when he gets a little older, you will realize that she has the worst parents ever- who lets their kid just go all over the world with a monkey and a talking backpack??? :) And cheez-its...well that's the coolest thing ever..sounds like a perfect walk to me :)