Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday to our little man...

My 1st birthday with my mama and sister

Coleman and Mama with some ice cream

The Church Nursery gave Coleman his 1st Birthday

He loved eating cake...

love these 2 boys...

Circa 1975. My 1st steps, 1st Birthday, Beach trip and Baptism
(see the resemblance in Coleman and me?)

Our favorite place growing up...THE BEACH!

My Baptism

Notice the cowbell in the background! :)

1st steps (10 months old)

Friday, February 12, 2010

I have become THAT Mama...

I just had a haunting realization (I have probably realized this about
a dozen times since becoming a Mama, but I am just now admitting it)
I am THAT Mama who is sad at the thought of her child getting older.
I always made fun of people who were sad because their child first rolled over,
took their first steps, or had a birthday. I am THAT Mama! (Admitting it is the first step, right?!) Coleman is turning 1 on Monday. I am happy. I am sad. I am slightly embarrased that I want to cry about his 1st Birthday. Aren't you supposed to be thrilled at these milestones? Well, yes and no for me...I am thrilled to have a healthy happy boy. However, all I can think is...soon he will be going to College and then getting married! ("HE IS ONE, CASEY" is what I keep telling myself.
I think what I am truly learning is that I want to "white knuckle" everything in life...I want to be in control! God is so gracious to show me how I claim things to be MINE, MINE, MINE all the while knowing (and being thankful) that they are HIS, HIS, HIS.

This little boy will be 1 on Monday and I am THAT Mama.

Praise be to God that He does not leave us where we are...

Now, I am off to make a Valentines Cake for my sweet boys! No, it is not from scratch like my Mama, mother-in-law, Lindsay Newlin, Sarah Barry Spooner or Nell Womack would make...that sucker is straight from the Box! Thank you Duncan Hines.