Wednesday, June 16, 2010

it is hot outside...

Sorry I have been blogging so little. Honestly, I forget until I read some of my friends' blogs. But, here is an update of the last 10 or so days...
Coleman and I went to the Zoo a couple of weeks ago. It was super hot outside,
so I "bee-lined it" to the Polar Bears (in the AC) and to the Elk, Bear and Wolves (which require going through the AC). The way I look at it, Coleman does not realize he is missing out on the tigers, lions and snakes. We did pass some Elephants and monkeys. He got a little stir-crazy sitting in the stroller, so we wandered around a bit. His favorite animals...the Elk! This of course made my day! Hoping our little man will appreciate hunting one day :)

This past weekend, Coleman and I went to visit my sister, bro-in-law, niece and nephew. WE HAD A BLAST! My sister is definitely one person I wish I could see everyday. I never thought I would say that. We used to annoy the crud out of each other growing up...and I was the one who ALWAYS got in trouble for our "tifs". Even Leigh will admit that she would push my buttons and my temper would flare like crazy.
Her Garfield trash can was proof of my temper (I dented it pretty good)!
The beauty of all that we went through growing up: fighting, laughing, nagging, tears, dress-up time, beach trips, listening to 80's music, etc is...she is one of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. A fabulous sister and friend. I am blessed!
Here is a picture of Coleman hanging out at their house...a little Camo Bulldog!

Next week, Colton, Coleman and I head to the Lower Illinois River for the Annual Cockrum Fishing Getaway. It is such a great 6 days of relaxing. I love being with Colton's family and I cannot wait for them to see how Coleman has grown. I will definitely post pics when we get back.

have a great day...