Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Dear Friends, It has been an incredible month with RUF! We have hired over 70 new RUF Interns who will be working all across the country. This was my first time to be involved with all of the interviewing process and really think it will help me know the Staff better before they even get to their campus in August. The staff of RUF are growing and learning so much about God’s Faithfulness as they meet with, teach the Bible to and walk through life with College Students on a daily basis. Thank you so much for supporting me as I support them! I wanted to give you my support update: I watched an amazing video about “Asking”. I must confess, I stink at “asking”. Not because of humility, but because of PRIDE! I want so badly to “appear to have everything under control.” God is teaching me about this more and more. With all that to say…I am asking! Thankfully, 1/3 of my support has been committed for the 2013 year via $1,000 per month in monthly donations. THANKS SO MUCH TO MY FAITHFUL MONTHLY SUPPORTERS…YOU WILL NEVER KNOW MY APPRECIATION! ALSO, THOSE OF YOU WHOM HAVE GIVEN ONE-TIME GIFTS, AGAIN YOU WILL NEVER KNOW MY APPRECIATION! I will need to raise $18,000 to overcome a small account deficit and finish the 2013 year (the next 9 months). Will you please consider joining me in this journey? DONTATIONS CAN BE MADE ONLINE: www.ruf.org/support Deeply Grateful, Casey