Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mama crashes boy time...

Ever since Coleman was 9 weeks old, he and Colton have gone downtown to the Mississippi River for boy time. Whenever the Farmer's Market is open, they go there first in search of fresh fruit and veggies and then go sit by the River. This has been a ritual on any pretty weekend for over a year. Mama has enjoyed the sleep, while the boys go out and play. However, on this Mother's Day Weekend, I decided to tag along and see what my boys have been getting into.
I am so blessed to be married to a man who longs to spend time with his son. Not only does it make me fall even more in love with Colton, I also know that they are creating a bond that will last a lifetime (and the nap times that Mama gets during boy time are not too shabby either!) :)

We picked out some beautiful flowers for our neighbor. She will celebrate her 90th birthday next week.

Colton will be floating the Mississippi River with some guys in October. He cannot get enough of this place! The water was the highest he has ever seen it.

Coleman would rather run around than take a picture with Mama.

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  1.'ve got yourself a sweet baby's daddy. I know you enjoyed joining in on the fun!