Thursday, October 8, 2009

Guinness: 2/16/99 - 10/7/2009

Colton and I had to put our wonderful dog, Guinness, to sleep last night.
He was dying from Congestive Heart Failure, and we did not want him to suffer.
It is sad. He was a great dog. He tolerated a lot of changes over (almost) 11 years:
different roommates, a move, a new man of the house, a hormonal/irritated mama and a new little man of the house. He graciously tolerated having his ears pulled, tail squeezed and bottom pinched by Coleman.
We miss him terribly...

(We put Guinness on Coleman's walker, and it kind of shocked Coleman) :)


  1. I didn't know you had a blog! Consider me a follower now. Again, so sorry about sweet Guinness. I can see that he was a loved and valued family member and I know it's hard to lose him.

  2. Well he was a good good boy and a great comfort to you through many different phases of life. You did the loving and right thing but I do know how hard it is and was. He'll always be with you. I love this blog- just saw it and love the pictures! love to all-mrsp