Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I will be 34 years old tomorrow. WOW! I remember turning 7 and and having a McDonald's Birthday Party, turning 15 and getting my drivers license, turning 21 and having my first beer (ok, legal beer), turning 33 last year and hearing our little man's heartbeat for the first time (by far the best birthday present ever!) Now, Colton and I are loving having Coleman in our little family. As I age and feel my body ache more and more with each passing year...I am reminded (with great Hope) that with each passing day and year is one step closer to Heaven. I have never been more happy in my life...EVER!!! God has blessed me with an Amazing Husband and Stud little boy. As far as earthly happiness goes, I feel like I have peaked. Yet, the reality is...we are groaning for the oneday someday of Heaven and being in perfect communion with our King.

Oh Lord Haste the Day...

But, until then...I am fired up about turning 34 and going to Tunica with Colton this weekend. We are going to see the Black Crowes Concert and spend the night at the Casino. (my birthday present from Colton & the 2nd best birthday present ever!)

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